NOx Analyzer, ENO-30

Streamline Your Nitrite and Nitrate Analysis

  • Suitable for all biological fluids (1-50 µL injections)
  • Single injection to measure both nitrite and nitrate
  • Sensitivity is better than 0.1pmol (10 nM for 10 µL)
  • Easy sample preparation. Click here to see potential sample types and preparations.
  • Capability for fully automated analyses with autosampler


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The ENO-30 continues the tradition of Eicom’s successful ENO-20 NOx analyzer. The ENO-30 system is a specialized HPLC for separating and detecting nitrite and nitrate in various biological fluids. The system makes use of a simple Griess reaction, in which nitrite reacts to form a light absorbing compound that can easily be detected.  However, compared to a typical plate or tube based Griess assay, the ENO-30 greatly enhances sensitivity and reproducibility.  In addition, high throughput analysis is achieved by pairing the instrument with an HPLC autosampler, an impossible feat for the gas phase chemiluminescent detectors sometimes used to detect nitric oxide. Data collection, calibration, and analysis are handled by Eicom’s Envision software package.

Sample Data of ENO-30 NOx Analyzer


The data shown here is a typical profile obtained from a human plasma sample using Eicom ENO-30, NOx Analyzer. The peaks correspond to 110 nM nitrite and 73 µM nitrate in 10 µl applied sample to the ENO-30.









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