Bench Top Equipment

Oxford Lab Products –
BenchMate Minicentrifuge 12 Place

The BenchMate C12V High Speed Microcentrifuge is compact, with a small footprint and the large digital display making it easy to set and view programs.


Oxford Lab Products –
BenchMate C8 Microcentrifuge

The Benchmate C8 Microcentrifuge has  user-friendly features, safety-oriented technology and a robust design


Oxford Lab Products –
BenchMate VM-D
Digital Vortex Mixer

The BenchMate VM-D Digital Vortex Mixer has a pulse mode programming feature, allowing scientists to complete more complex and aggressive mixing with one unit.


Oxford Lab Products –
BenchMate VM-M
Mini Vortex Mixer

One of the most powerful mini vortex mixers on the market


Oxford Lab Products –
BenchMate Stirrers

With a slim profile, compact design and no moving parts this single or four position magnetic stirrer design is truly maintenance free.


Oxford Lab Products –
Magnetic Hotplate Stirrers

 Ideal for mixing solutions, dissolving solutes in solvents, heating solutions, maintaining suspensions in liquids and keeping multiple solutions at a fixed temperature.


Oxford Lab Products –
BenchMate VM-MT
Multi Tube Vortex Mixer

Ideal for the vortexing and mixing of single or multiple tubes and flasks, with variable speed and digital display